Barking & Dagenham Renew, A new charity awarding funds for, and with, residents of Barking and Dagenham

Barking & Dagenham Renew was formally launched in November 2017.  Our focus was, and continues to be, enabling and empowering residents with good ideas, to initiate new activities that add something to the borough.  Our first year has involved many conversations, explorations and learning from our first grant round.  This activity has led us to conclude that we have three objectives we want to fulfil over the next three years.

1 FUND /

To award small seeding grants to fund resident led activity that will impact the cultural, social and physical landscape of Barking & Dagenham.  We will be zooming in to focus on the Gascoigne Estate and Weavers Quarter area as a way to test this activity on a smaller scale.

With particular focus on ideas that promote intergenerational activity, ideas that bring together new and existing communities, supporting social cohesion across the borough and our test area at a time of borough wide change.


We see B&D Renew as being a convener, to bring together existing organisations who are developing and delivering resident led activities across the borough to meet together, share learning and position B&D Renew as the funder for activities that are impacting the specific local context and the cultural, social and physical landscape of Barking & Dagenham.


Build a base as a funder focused on shaping the local landscape of Barking and Dagenham, starting with new communities and developments across the borough, ensuring that alongside all development is effective and innovative community development to support both existing and new communities. This will include funding robust evaluation throughout to measure impact.

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